Gaming Laptops

I’m currently looking at getting a new laptop, although the main use of the laptop will not be gaming I like the hardware that is offered in these types of laptops. And with so many options it is really hard to choose the one that will be right for you.

First of all there is the size of the laptop, my current one is 15 inch and is an acquitted size. But I’m getting drawn to a 17.3 inch one due to the vast amount of screen space, making task much as data analysis a littler bit more comfortable, and of course to play the odd game on a slightly larger screen is a plus. The issue with a lot of powerful 17.3 inch gaming laptops is that they are not the lightest and thinnest. Meaning that the overall portability is to going to be limited. And considering i will be carrying this laptop around with me everyday i would rather something that isn’t going to weigh me down a huge amount.

So I started to do some research and initially checked the go to brands for gaming laptops, this includes Alienware, Asus, MSI and Acer.

The issues in my opinion with the Alienware laptops is how thick they are, i have seen the 13 inch models they use to do and it was about the width of two 13 inch netbooks. This is a slight deal breaker and I am yet to see them release a slightly thinner one like a lot of other companies do. Asus and MSI are both great examples of this as they bother offer there own flagship gaming laptops with incredible hardware and performance, but again size and weight. So after a number of searches 3 laptops just kept coming up



After looking at the hardware that I was after these 3 laptops came out on top, and the MSI and Asus ones went straight to the top of my list. Although the Asus one has a larger build it would still be a manageable size to use every day, but the MSI one just looks incredible. Granted it is the most expensive of the 3 but in my opinion it is the nicest looking with a sleek brushed metal finish and looking less like a gaming laptop than the other 2 i feel it suites my requirement the best.

It still amazes me somewhat the Pascal GPU’s can be put into laptops and have more or less the same specification as the desktop equivalent. And it might only have a 1060 in it but this card will stick pack a punch playing most games. I did look at ones with a 1070 but i just could not justify the extra money for a GPU that i really would not utilize that much. I have also read a large number of reviews on this deviceand it appears to be all positive. Something you would expect when a company like MSI brings out a gaming laptop.


So this is just a little food for thought if anyone is looking at getting a gaming laptop that looks sleek and professional while not weighing over 2.5kg, and stick packs a mighty punch!


If anyone has this laptop leave your opinion in the comments below.


RFID Wallets: Are They Worth It?

The title may lead you to believe this is going to almost be a tinfoil hat sort of post, but there are a lot of reasons why RFID protected wallets make sense. Sometime last year the photo below circulated the internet, because it showed someone on a train with a contactless card reader. contactless

Now I’m not sure if I know anyone these days that doesn’t have a contactless card, when they first came out i declined one due to the possible security threats that came along with them. But last year when I opened a new account my bank sent me one, so began the hunt for an RFID protected wallet.

So naturally the first place I turned to was amazon, as it is usually the place to go for items of that type. But after looking through about 4 or 5 pages i just was not happy with the style and quality of the wallets that they had. The images below are some example of the wallets that Amazon had to offer, not that any of them are bad. But I’m personally not a fan of either a hard shell or a tri-fold wallet. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to wallets, as its like a good pair of shoes if you pay a little bit more they tend to be of a better quality and last longer.

So I held of for a while as i was skeptical of how well these wallets would last, and then I found what is in my opinion the perfect wallet. It was a nice black leather Michael Kors one. I did not at the time realize designer companies were incorporating RFID into there


It was a fairly costly investment for a wallet but i felt the combination of the style and technology was worth the cost, personally i feel it blows all of the others on amazon out of the water, but the curious part was that if i had not stumbled upon it in a department store i would have had no idea. It was not overly well advertised on the packaging either other than a little paper tag sticking out of the top mentions the RFID protect. So for anyone out there looking for a nice stylish wallet with the added comfort of RFID protection should defiantly have a look at Michael Kors.

5G Receives More Funding

Earlier this week I wrote about my prediction for home routers to be deployed using mobile data SIMs to connect them to the internet. Well yesterday an article was published by the BBC that states 5G is receiving £16m to fund ‘trail hubs’ these hubs will most likely be in the key cities of the UK and will proved the basic infrastructure that can lead to further development and implementation of the 5G network.

It also goes to state how 5G should be delayed some time after 2020, this ties in nicely to the prediction I made that mobile data would be able to provide home routers connectivity within the next 5 years.

And in the final part of the information on the 5G funding it states that the government wants there to be better mobile data coverage on country roads and on railway lines than is currently present. As someone who lives in a fairly rural areas there is nothing more annoying that using your phone to stream music while your driving and also providing you with navigation and for you to lose the connection. This is not only irritating in regards to the music but can potentially cause a number of issues if you are unable to get your maps application to give you directions. I feel an investment in these ares would be significantly helpful as in some rural areas EDGE connection is the best you will be able to receive making your smart phone a not so smart phone.


Original article: HERE


Lenovo T400s: Ubuntu Machine Part 5

So after using the T400s as my daily driver for the past week I have found that the small screen is a slight limitation. Largely due to the fact that i tend to use it on a desk and have to lean in occasionally to see certain things.

Then I remembered that I had an old 21.5 inch monitor lying around somewhere, and I could find it then i would be able to utilise it in my set up. As part of the setup I modified an old file box that i had lying around by cutting 2 slits into it one on the front and another on the back. The purpose of this was to not only raise the T400s screen to around about the same level as the monitor but to also alow for me to attach a keyboard and mouse with out the being cables all over the place. I then found a USB hub that i placed within the box that the mouse and keyboard connected to. This mean that when the T400s was in the ‘Dock’ only one of the rear USB ports was being used.

When I connected the monitor I was unsure what would happen, as is the case with windows that you can occasionally be greeted by either an extended display or and extension of the primary display. But this wasnt an issue, as soon as the VGA cable was connected the monitor sprung to life and extended the desktop onto the monitor. This was a very pleasant experience as not only was i able to use a full size keyboard and mouse but for some graphical work i needed to do. So after using ubuntu across 2 screens and on more of a desktop based manner, I have the intention of installing Ubuntu to my main desktop PC that is currently running windows 10. This will of course be in the form of a dual-boot as im not yet ready to commit myself fully to ubuntu due to the requirement of specific software that i use not being available on Linux. But unless I need to use them certain application there is a high chance i will be using ubuntu because the dual screen felt smooth and clean.