My favourites of the steam summer sale so far

Once again the steam sale is upon us meaning that Your bank account is going to be taking a beating while your steam library grows at an alarming rate. Or is that just me?

So I thought I would do a few of my personal favourite things I’ve seen in the steam sale so far, and also mention some others that are at a very large reduction.

To start the ball rolling we have Civilization, I personally a huge fan of this game series and did pre order the most recent one. And my 300-400 hours combined on both of these games will say a lot. I feel they are some of the best strategy games on the market and for £5 the older one is still very much worth it with the difference between them being somewhat aesthetical on the surface!


Check it out here

My summer car is a very nice game, although it’s still in development you could sink so many hours into it. And because of how much depth it goes into when building the initial car I found it so immersive and fun. Although I wouldn’t say this is a game for serious player it’s more for fun and a bit of a laugh. And although it’s only a 20% saving it’s still under £10 for a game I could very confidently say will take hours and hours from you



Check it out here!

The next game on my list is SimAirport, this game is a very simple but addictive simulation game in which you are tasked with creating, operating and managing an airport. Again this game is still in development and as a result is constantly improving. Again the saving is only 20% but when the game is only £15.19 and not £18.99 I fell its a nice little saving for a game that has so much potential when it is finally completed.


Check it out here!

The forest is the name game in question and having seen it for years and always putting off getting it I feel that was a huge mistake. It’s a survival horror game with a rich environment and lovely crafting system and feel to the game. It has a similar feel to game like 7 days to die but has more of a story and the buildings look so beautiful. And for £7.36 33% might not seem like a lot but it will be worth every penny I promise .



Check it out here

And last on my list is Hacknet, this game has tempted me in so many time due to my cyber security back ground. But I have always been hesitant to purchase it because I could see it being fun for the first half an hour and then growing old very quickly. But how wrong I was. It’s basically a terminal that lets you access other machines on the networks and simulates hacking. Although the game play is time commands into a conle it’s surprising fun and engaging. And for the sake of £2.50 it’s well worth it even if you only play it for a couple of hours.



Check it out here


Other notable mentions –

Rise of the tomb raider – 60% off so it’s only £15.99

Ghost recon wild lands – 33% off so is only £26.79

Doom – 50% off so it’s only £9.99

The Hitman Franchies

Grand Theft Auto V

Steam Link and Controler

When I first saw the steam link announced I was not sure how I felt about it, at the time my home internet was very slow and I didn’t think it would handle it very well. But since moving my connection speed is now significantly greater also great for more options. 

So when the Steam Link came on sale and you got the control with t as well for about £30-£40 I decided that it might be worth a try as it would be nice to play some games of my PC in the lounge and not sat at my desk.

It’s a small little package that I personally feel looks really nice and sleek, and it can either be hidden behind the TV or looks sleek on a TV unit.  This means it’s also fairly portable, so if you used a gaming laptop to play games and fancied playing games on large screen it would be ideal. 

The OS it’s self is very simple and offers a few options when it first loads up and offers a list of PC’s running steam on the network. Meaning if a few people in the building or on the network could share a steam link and play each of there own games. It also allows you to connect the Xbox one controller directly to it, meaning you don’t get stuck with the questionable steam controler. 

I have mixed views on the controler as it does somthings really well, but other I find it cumbersome. One aspect where it excels is that when playing games that would normally require keyboard and mouse. As it lets you control the cursor using one of the pads on the control. And with the amount of custom configurations that the steam community has published it means there probably won’t be a game that hasn’t got any options out there.

The control will also save to your account meaning you can connect it to a different computer or steam link and all your default mappings will be with the controler. 

Over all I feel as a combined package during the sales it is worth buying both, but if it was a case of paying full price and buying the both separately I would maybe save on the controler and put the money towards an Xbox one controler but that is just personal preference

Plex Media Sever

I have recently started using Plex much more in my home media setup, this came to light as I always rip my DVD’s and BluRays to a digital format for more continent viewing. But this then leads to having a huge amount of windows files to scroll through when you fancy watching a film or just having a look to see what you fancy. 

This lead me to using Plex and I was so impressed with it. I’ve used it in the past but never really got that into it. But the other day I started using it again and saw it’s broad scope, not only will it organise your meaid in a very neat and tidy manner it also provides you with cover photos for the content and a little description and rating. This makes it look and feels very smooth and professional. It also adds a certain Netflix feel to the whole thing, meaning that your home media system has a very nice user friendly feel to the whole thing. 

Firstly it’s so easy to set up, because Plex scans all the folders you have your media on and it just does it all. It’s also used across so many platforms meaning you can have your Plex “Server” on one machine and then distribute all your media through your house, and even on the go if you pay for Plex. This means you can be watching one thing in the lounge on a smart TV using the Plex app and someone else streams it to their tablet or laptop. 

Over all I have used a few media centre applications in the past such as XBMC and I feel the over all feel of Plex. And although there are many good points to XBMC or Kodi as it is now know the distribution factor of Plex wins out as well as the look and style it is not to busy or cluttered but delivers a huge amount of information in a helpful and pleasant manner.

NSA GitHub – Are they really being transparent

Earlier this week it came to light that the NSA (National Security Agency) had created a GitHub account, and realises some programs on the platform.  This bring up a number of questions, firstly are they really trying to be that transparent or is it a novel way to try and win back the trust of the public.
Thankfully the source code for all of the application is available so it is possible to see what is going on within them, as a major concern of mine would be the potential back doors or snooping application like this could do to e user if they where not able to actually see what was going on…

But this does still beg the question as to why they have realised it, now it is not uncommon for application and other such items to trickle down the pipe line to the more “consumer” market eventually but after the vault 7 leaks a few month ago it is possible to see that they have so many more application with much more malicious uses than the few that eye have realised for the public. So there is the potential they they have realsed stuff that is out dated to them or that they don’t feel will be to compromising to all if their activitys.