RFID Wallets: Are They Worth It?

The title may lead you to believe this is going to almost be a tinfoil hat sort of post, but there are a lot of reasons why RFID protected wallets make sense. Sometime last year the photo below circulated the internet, because it showed someone on a train with a contactless card reader. contactless

Now I’m not sure if I know anyone these days that doesn’t have a contactless card, when they first came out i declined one due to the possible security threats that came along with them. But last year when I opened a new account my bank sent me one, so began the hunt for an RFID protected wallet.

So naturally the first place I turned to was amazon, as it is usually the place to go for items of that type. But after looking through about 4 or 5 pages i just was not happy with the style and quality of the wallets that they had. The images below are some example of the wallets that Amazon had to offer, not that any of them are bad. But I’m personally not a fan of either a hard shell or a tri-fold wallet. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to wallets, as its like a good pair of shoes if you pay a little bit more they tend to be of a better quality and last longer.

So I held of for a while as i was skeptical of how well these wallets would last, and then I found what is in my opinion the perfect wallet. It was a nice black leather Michael Kors one. I did not at the time realize designer companies were incorporating RFID into there


It was a fairly costly investment for a wallet but i felt the combination of the style and technology was worth the cost, personally i feel it blows all of the others on amazon out of the water, but the curious part was that if i had not stumbled upon it in a department store i would have had no idea. It was not overly well advertised on the packaging either other than a little paper tag sticking out of the top mentions the RFID protect. So for anyone out there looking for a nice stylish wallet with the added comfort of RFID protection should defiantly have a look at Michael Kors.

Amazon Echo: Who’s Really Listening

There was an article published by BBC news recently that said that in a recent murder case the police wished to retrieve the data from the victims Amazon Echo device, Amazon orignaly refused to disclose the information. But in an article today it states that Amazon has handed over the data from the Echo in question.

And this in my opinion this begs the question, how much does Alexa really listen to, im aware that when you make a request to the Echo device you can replay your voice via the Alexa App. But does it record more than you think, as it is in an always on/ready state. Could it be listening and recording all the time? And if this is the case does it only trigger the services on the command.

If the Echo does in fact listen and record all the time could Amazon use the data collected in that manner to push things that you have mentioned you would like onto your amazon home page?  There was speculation a while ago about Facebook location services recording where you have been that accurately that the could potentially push adverts to you for activity your likely to do on that day. With this sort of data collection and potental recordings of you, what could happen if the goverment made a mass data requiest. Or gained accses to monitor these devices and infomation.

Please see the orignal articles below from the BBC news website

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