SUPERAntiSpyware – Review

What is SUPERAntiSpyware?

SUPERAntiSpyware is an application that will help keep you and your digital life safe from prying eyes. What I mean by this is there are numerous threats online to our digital privacy, from Trojans, Worms and Rootkits. All of these threats could have detrimental effects on your computer system and privacy. Not only could these lead your personal information being stolen, they can also allow attackers access to your webcam and microphone.  Main Window


SUPERAntiSpyware is packed full of features aimed to make your computer uses as safe and easy as possible. Not only does it scan for malicious items on your machine it also allows you to remove unwanted application for your PC as well as repairing your registry if it has been damaged by malware.

It offers Real-Time protection, meaning that you don’t have to wait until you run your scan to find out there is malicious software on your PC. This paired with the scheduled scans means your don’t have to relay on yourself to remember to run a scan once or twice a day.

Within the system tools, you are also given an option to submit malware samples. I find this to be great as it gives the user some control as well as the ability to help the community stay safe. From the user submitting it the Malware is then sent to SUPERAntiSpyware’s research team, meaning they can verify it and add it to the database. This level of interaction with their users sets them apart from the rest in my opinion.

System Tools

Another thing I like about SUPERAntiSpyware is the user interface, it is very easy to navigate through and does not require you to jump through hoops to get to certain areas of the application. I also get the feeling that they are not to bothered on looks and just want it to work.

I would recommend SUPERAntiSpyware to anyone who wants to have that extra pieces of mind, when so much of our everyday lives are online can you really afford to not be protected?


Some Anti-Virus applications can be expensive, and to your average user they may not see the value in it. But SUPERAntiSpyware is not only reasonably priced but also hits that sweet spot. At $29.95 for a year it is not going to break the bank, but could save you a huge amount of stress.


Please follow this link to their official website: SUPERAntiSpyware

Reasons for Encrypted Email

I recently wrote a review for ProtonMail, an encrypted email provider based in Switzerland. And that led to me thinking, why would your average user want to use encrypted emails. And how would they even go about it.

I personally use encrypted email for a number of reasons, I’m probably more security conscious than your average user due to my background, but this also means I regularly explain the reasons why encryption and cyber security are important to people I meet in everyday life.

Protect Personal or Sensitive Information

One of the main advantages to using encrypted email is that it can protect your personal information from being accessed or stolen. This could be anything from medical history to your social security number. With identity theft being as wide spread as it is, any effort to protect information that you might have no other option than to send is important.

Another example of this could be in regards to a business and not just a sole user. If for example your company has just created a new product or is about to file for a patent, you don’t want that information to be easy to intercept or steal.

Government Monitoring

It is no secret that government agencies such as GCHQ and the NSA  snoop on our digital lives, this could be from reading emails to tracking what web-pages you have visited. And for the most part this is completely harmless unless you feel it to be a invasion of your privacy. They would need a warrant to wire tap your house, so what makes your digital life any different.


Best way to encrypt emails –

  • ProtonMail
    • Swiss based email provider, that offers encrypted emails. Check out my review Here
  • Secure Swiss Data
    • Swiss based email provider, that offers encrypted emails.
  • PGP Key
    • Combined a PGP key with the Thunderbird email client and you are able to achive encrypted emails that will be slightly more secure than using a servise such as the others listed abover
  • Tutanota Mail
    • Another Encrypted email servcie, Review will be coming soon

Ubuntu 17.10 – First impression

If you are a Linux user then you will more than likely be aware that Ubuntu 17.10 is just around the corner and there are some massive changes coming. Unlike previous version of the Ubuntu that has come with the Unity Desktop environment, this time they are mixing it up and are going to begin using the Gnome desktop environment as standard. ( You can currently use either Ubuntu Gnome or install the Gnome environment alongside unity) 

At first hearing about this I had some reservations because I was very comfortable within the Unity environment and had very little experience with the Gnome desktop, bar what time I had spend using it within Kali Linux. But after reading into why they have decided to cut the Unity desktop it makes sense. I mean would you spend the time creating and maintains something more or less from scratch when it is deployed on a very small percentage of machine that run your OS.

But again when reading that Gnome was going to be the default environment I was somewhat disappointed because of the ascetics, for those of you who use Gnome you might like the cold gray and blue that it styles it self with. But I’m a huge fan of how warm and nice Unity looks. Well from some screen shots I have you can see that although they are using Gnome they have managed to add that Unity flair to it. 

Take a look in the images below and let me know what you think in the comment section, and check this space for more information on Ubuntu 17.10

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