I remember about 5-6 years ago getting Netflix for the first time, and loved it. But i always wanted more and this was in the form of accessing the US Netflix. Due to Sky having a huge amount of the rights to shows over here in the UK some of the good stuff that the US Netflix has is limited to the US.

My first dive into this was using a services called unblock US, this was a simple services that allowed me to change my DNS settings to access the US Netflix this system was great it worked across my iPad 1 and my Xbox 360. But the issues now is that Netflix have cottoned onto the fact that people are using services like this to access Netflix and they have began to shut them down.

After doing some research into this it turn out that to do this the basically work out if the IP your connecting from is related to a VPN or DNS services. This greets  you with a message on Netflix that basically says we know you are using a VPN and if you wish to use our service please connection from it to continue. So anyway I ended up using Express VPN for a while due to my suspicions on using public WiFi and stuff. But then I released that certain connection through that VPN offered me access to the US Netflix. And they then blocked these, so I just by chance ended up using a different VPN services because they offered a good deal at the time and I just stumbled upon the fact that I could again watch the US Netflix again.

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