When I first saw the steam link announced I was not sure how I felt about it, at the time my home internet was very slow and I didn’t think it would handle it very well. But since moving my connection speed is now significantly greater also great for more options. 

So when the Steam Link came on sale and you got the control with t as well for about £30-£40 I decided that it might be worth a try as it would be nice to play some games of my PC in the lounge and not sat at my desk.

It’s a small little package that I personally feel looks really nice and sleek, and it can either be hidden behind the TV or looks sleek on a TV unit.  This means it’s also fairly portable, so if you used a gaming laptop to play games and fancied playing games on large screen it would be ideal. 

The OS it’s self is very simple and offers a few options when it first loads up and offers a list of PC’s running steam on the network. Meaning if a few people in the building or on the network could share a steam link and play each of there own games. It also allows you to connect the Xbox one controller directly to it, meaning you don’t get stuck with the questionable steam controler. 

I have mixed views on the controler as it does somthings really well, but other I find it cumbersome. One aspect where it excels is that when playing games that would normally require keyboard and mouse. As it lets you control the cursor using one of the pads on the control. And with the amount of custom configurations that the steam community has published it means there probably won’t be a game that hasn’t got any options out there.

The control will also save to your account meaning you can connect it to a different computer or steam link and all your default mappings will be with the controler. 

Over all I feel as a combined package during the sales it is worth buying both, but if it was a case of paying full price and buying the both separately I would maybe save on the controler and put the money towards an Xbox one controler but that is just personal preference

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