I have recently started using Plex much more in my home media setup, this came to light as I always rip my DVD’s and BluRays to a digital format for more continent viewing. But this then leads to having a huge amount of windows files to scroll through when you fancy watching a film or just having a look to see what you fancy. 

This lead me to using Plex and I was so impressed with it. I’ve used it in the past but never really got that into it. But the other day I started using it again and saw it’s broad scope, not only will it organise your meaid in a very neat and tidy manner it also provides you with cover photos for the content and a little description and rating. This makes it look and feels very smooth and professional. It also adds a certain Netflix feel to the whole thing, meaning that your home media system has a very nice user friendly feel to the whole thing. 

Firstly it’s so easy to set up, because Plex scans all the folders you have your media on and it just does it all. It’s also used across so many platforms meaning you can have your Plex “Server” on one machine and then distribute all your media through your house, and even on the go if you pay for Plex. This means you can be watching one thing in the lounge on a smart TV using the Plex app and someone else streams it to their tablet or laptop. 

Over all I have used a few media centre applications in the past such as XBMC and I feel the over all feel of Plex. And although there are many good points to XBMC or Kodi as it is now know the distribution factor of Plex wins out as well as the look and style it is not to busy or cluttered but delivers a huge amount of information in a helpful and pleasant manner.

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