I recently acquired a Lenovo ThinkPad T400s from a pile of junk laptops I was harvesting for parts.  Most of the items in the pile where either damaged beyond being of any use or just to old and not worth the time or effort in taking parts from them. But within this pile of junk i found a T400s, having no prior knowledge of ThinkPads disassembly was in order to asses what I was dealing with.

If you have ever tried to view the components or replace parts on a ThinkPad you will understand what I mean about it being a  pleasure as all of the parts are incredibly easy to access. For someone who takes just about any device I purchases to pieces, to see the possible upgrade paths this is a dream. The machine its self was nothing special, it has a rather old intel CPU and 2GB of ram. The previous owner had how ever added a 120GB SSD so that was a nice surprise. And after finding a spare 4GB ram stick I was set to embark on my first real usage of Linux Ubuntu.

The reason I selected Ubuntu as my distro of choice is due largely to it being the most commonly mentioned one and seems to be the most accessible for a novice such as myself. The installation process is a breeze, this is because it is very easy to create a USB bootable and away you go. Another plus of ubuntu was the fact you can run it off the bootable device to see if you like it and then you can install from there. This in my opinion was nice as there are so many flavours of Linux out there it might take a couple of goes to find the one that fits you.

There are very few point during the installation that interaction is required, bar selecting the time zone, setting up the wi-fi and then creating the user account. These all take a few moments and the installation is very quick after that. I ran the updates during the installation that added a little time to my installation but nothing ridicules. One this was completed I was given the login screen and was about to begin using Linux as a daily driver.

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